Prior Photography

I am Becky Prior!  I've been holding a camera and snapping pictures, much to the  chagrin of my relatives, since I was six.  My grandfather handed me my first camera and I've been obsessed with taking pictures ever since.  As my skills and I have grown, my obsession has turned, instead, into a passion for capturing moments.  The moments that bring us joy, the moments that make us cry, the moments we want desperately to remember.  Pictures tell a story, as we're often told, which is precisely what I love about them.  Every moment we live is a story.  Who we are, how we are with our loved ones, and how we have fun.  This is what I want to capture for you, your perfect moments!

You will often see my husband, Matt, tagging along as my second camera.  He has an incredible creativity and sense of fun that can bring immense joy to a photo.  

Together we would love to preserve your moments!

Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions! / 509.850.0057 / 509.385.1569